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a flight attendant. and tonight the ntsb released new vidvideo, one of the closes views we have seen of the wreckage. investigators revealed information based on interviews with three of the four pilots aboard the flight. we now know two other flight attendants survived despite something being flown from the plane when the tail clipped the sea wall and broke off. the landing gear hit the sea wall first before the tail did and the instructing pilot said he thought the plane's auto t t throttle was set to maintain the spied for a safe landing, but it wasn't. here's a cockpit view of what the pilots might have seen before the crash. this is from a 747 that made a same approach on that runway. as for whether saturday's crash was due to mechanical error or pilot error shs the ntsb say there is won't be any answers before the crash scene is cleared. >> we will not determine probable cause while we are here on scene. that will come after we have collected all of the information and analyzed it. i would really encourage all of you to be very cautious about speculating on the cause of the cr
lower went down. now the speed continued to drop until the plane basically stalled. the ntsb says there were no system warnings of a stall until just four seconds before the crash. we'll have to await the results of the interviews with the pilots to see if their actions played any role in the crash. although much has been made about the fact that the pilot at the controls was making his first attempt at landing a 777 into sfo. at the live desk, i'm jim handly. >>> hundreds of children and parents in northern virginia are remembering a baltimore rachbts cheerleader who was killed -- ravens cheerleader who was killed in a crash. his legacy will be felt far from the football field. >> reporter: mar keepa campbell cheers at infinity all stars practice in fairfax, praying tribute to her coach, 27-year-old dion bagby. he died in a motorcycle crash in frederick, maryland, friday, and recently became a cheerleader with the baltimore ravens. >> it's just really heartbreaking to know that he died. >> reporter: moments later her mother gives her a hug. >> he was like a big brother to her. >>
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2